Dre McGee, M.A. LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Therapy Services

Confidential & Personal Therapy

Therapy Services

Individuals, Groups, Couples, Children, and Consulting

A private office conveniently located in downtown Santa Barbara

Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Individual counseling:

Treatment for depression, anxiety, relationship problems, assertiveness issues, personal empowerment, life-changes/adjustments and crisis management, trauma, employment and career issues.

Children and Adolescent Counseling

Solution focused counseling to help navigate transitional times and struggles that children and teenagers face. Similar to individual counseling many issues found in adults will present early in life, anxiety, depression, relationship problems and crisis. Other concerns that can be addressed include self-esteem, peer pressure, parent child or sibling communication, school pressures and demands.

Quarter Life Crisis/Young Adult Counseling

Geared to gain a better understanding and healthier style of living. Counseling is used to address many of the issues young adults face around anxiety, relationships, career, confidence, and today’s struggles of being a young adult in a tough economy.

Premarital counseling

Strengthen your relationship from the beginning by clarifying expectations and values concerning life-style, finances, sex, religion, health, children, families, and in-laws.

Sex issues

Supportive and safe counseling designed to help you and your partner fulfill your desires, connect more deeply or reconnect. Dre is a sex positive therapist.

Grief counseling

Compassionate client-centered counseling for those experiencing loss of a family member, friend or pet, Dre is there for you and understands the depth and complexity of loss and grief.

Group counseling

Facilitating safe and supportive groups in which to explore common issues such as childhood abuse or peer pressure prevention


Abandonment issues, Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders, Depression, ADHD, Divorce, Fears, Relationships, Trauma, Sexual Issues, Peer Conflicts, Oppositional Defiant Youth, Job Dissatisfaction/Burn Out, Foster Care, Adoption, and Adjustment issues, and LGBTQ.

Professional Consultation and Tutoring

Provides professional consulting to other mental health professionals or those pursuing one on psychology related careers, creating and starting private practice, and private tutoring for BBS exams.

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About Dre A dedicated, focused therapist ready to help

Winner of the 2012 educational foundation scholarship to further advice my expertise for my private practiceDre McGee Therapist in SBDre McGee is a Marriage and Family Therapist providing psychotherapy to children, individuals, couples, and families. She has worked in Santa Barbara serving the community since 2005. She can work with a multitude of problems that may be overwhelming an individual, child, couple or a family. Dre has had experience working with a wide variety of diagnosis and life issues that face an individual, couple, and/or family i.e. depression, anxiety, transitions, burnout, and more.

She specializes in pre-marital counseling and helping the couple plan and prepare for a life long marital commitment. While addressing the stresses of the upcoming nuptials, she helps the couple learn skills to communicate better, fighting fairly, compromise, and help pin point issues they may disagree or strengths that can help them build a road map to a successful life long marriage. 

She also has a specialty working with youth who are in the foster care system or who have been adopted and facing the struggles of transition, adjustment with a new family, rules, cultures, and  difficult feelings. Also providing family planning for those who are considering foster care or adoption. 


"I realized therapy is incredibly therapeutic" 
Lisa Schroeder

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