Child Services: 
Watching our children struggle whether in school, with peers, or in their relationship with us is a very difficult part of life.  Parents often seek the counsel of a professional when they see their child struggling or demonstrating undesirable behavior. Through play therapy and art therapy the child or adolescent can begin to reveal to the therapist and themselves what is bothering them.
Often the child or adolescent does not understand or even know why they are behaving the way they are.  They only know that they feel pain, worry, sometimes fear. Children often do not show the same symptoms as adults, i.e. a young boy who is acting agitated and irritable could be depressed even though he is not showing signs or symptoms that are commonly associated with depression for adults. Through beginning to understand the problem I can help the child or adolescent understand themselves as well as the parents understand the problem and how to best help their child.


Dre McGee


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