How can you leave your mark on the world, manage work life balance, not 

burnout, all in the pursuit of happiness? Can you really have it all?

Let us get started with a few questions:

  • Do you dream of bigger things?
  • Do you want to leave this world a better place or leave a mark/legacy?
  • Are you happy with your work life?
  • Are you happy with personal life?
  • Do you want to improve?
  • Do you want work/life balance?
  • How are your relationships with self and others?
  • What are your intentions and goals?

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Your time is here!

There is seven days in a week,  someday isn’t one of them.

Unique and Personalized 1:1 Coaching to discover and tap into your potential. 

A meaningful life can be discovered when you learn what your values are and are in sync with them.

Potential, Purpose, and Passion: Creative Coaching Program

Designed for the individual who wants improved relationships with self and others, enjoy life more fully, and 

find their purpose!

Imagine What it Would be Like...

  • To feel motivated and excited to go to work
  • To feel satisfied where you are in life
  • To feel confident and capable
  • To be more authentic and creative
  • To have healthy and nourishing relationships with yourself and others
  • Develop effective strategies to help with work life balance
  • Enjoy social outings
  • Avoid burnout
  • To feel like you are doing more than just going through the motions of life, you are here with purpose and passion.

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This potential, purpose, and passion Coaching Program is designed for the person who won’t settle for complacency and in the pursuit of happiness wants purpose and passion in both their work and life and my job is to help you unlock your potential!

My entire life I have had this strong desire to do more, be more, go to more… but kept saying that I was waiting for someone to realize my potential and put me to work. During this time I worked hard to pursue a private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist to help people navigate their lives and go along with them on their growth journey. My main objective has been to improve quality of life. However, I still grappled with the idea that I want to do more… More than just sit in a big comfy chair and be reflective object in the therapeutic process. I want to leave my mark and leave this world better than when I found it. Too grand you’re thinking…? Same thought held me back for almost a decade, waiting for someone to say, “Okay it is your time to do something bigger.” I finally decided that someday wasn’t on my calendar and it was time to put my potential to work in order to fully live my purpose and passion. So I hired a coach; coaches need coaches too!

Don’t wait for someone to discover your potential. Allow this program to help tap into creating more, doing more, and being more TODAY!


Here is What I Know About You

Who is This Program For?

  • The motivated client
  • The dreamer of bigger and better things, both professionally and personally
  • The overworked and burnt out
  • The person who feels under utilized
  • The person trying to leave their mark on the world
  • The person who is creating their own business and is overwhelmed
  • The worker who has no life balance
  • You need help discovering and unleashing your potential
  • You could benefit from understanding your values and aligning with them
  • You are ready for a life that you are proud of

Who is This Program NOT For?

  • The person who is okay with complacency
  • The person who isn’t ready to dig deep to see what is holding them back
  • The person who is not ready to test, test, test again
  • The person who is not ready to put the time and effort into this work
  • The person who is not ready to invest in themselves and not ready to reap the reward
  • The person who is not comfortable exploring their roles, relationships, and responsibilities
  • The person who expects the work to be done with them
  • The person who truly doesn’t feel ready for change or feels that they deserve the best that life has to offer.
  • The person who needs more intensive care or therapeutic services to address a major life concerns; Active addiction concerns, debilitating depression or anxiety, or PTSD; These issues would be better addressed in a therapeutic relationship utilizing different techniques and methodologies, such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy.

The BASICS: Goals and Values

  • Gain clarity on what you want out of life.
  • Understand your values and how to align with them
  • Create goals that support your values.

Career Dreams and Big Things

  • What is my mark
  • Understanding your potential
  • Working towards purpose
  • Having day to day passion

Invest in Yourself First

  • Exercises to discover self
  • Know your priorities
  • Learn to say no; setting boundaries
  • Align with your values to live a more meaningful life

Find Your Tribe and Creating Meaningful Relationships

  • Who is already there
  • Let go of toxic relationships
  • What do I need, what do they need- is it realistic
  • How to expand or make new relationships
  • How to maintain

Balancing it ALL and Burnout Prevention

  • Learn to balance work and life together
  • Really knowing and using boundaries
  • Sometimes doesn't slow down; How to cope
  • Time Management and other techniques to support the day to day and ALL THE THINGS

Check the Oil- Personal Maintenance

Exercises and tips to Keep Calm and Carry On

  • Daily Checks
  • Weekly Checks
  • Monthly Checks
  • Quarterly Checks
  • Yearly Checks

What is Included:

  • 12 Weekly 45 Minute Coaching Sessions
  • Full Email Access to Keep the Momentum Going Between Calls
  • The Potential, Passion, and Purpose Toolkit Designed to Define Your Goals and How I Can Help You Reach Them
  • Resources to Help You Learn the Best Systems and Tools
  • Guidance So You Can Run Your Life Naturally And Successfully
  • Constant Sunshiny Cheerleading! YOU Deserve A Life of Prosperity with a Career That Lights You Up!

Investment: $5000

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Installment Plan: 3 Payments of $1800 for 3 Months

Limited Space

Why Work With Me?

I am motivated, energetic, and I understand what you are looking for. I have a positive attitude but with a realistic edge. I am down to earth but also directive. I want to see you succeed. Success in your goals is as important to me as it is to you. Follow through and motivation can be difficult for many people and my job is to support you on your journey. I believe everyone can enhance their quality of life if they put their mind to it and make the necessary steps. I want to take those steps with you. Working with me as your coach, I will be holding you accountable, able to help you process your progress, and go with you step by step to get to your end goal(s).

I understand that people get excited for change and improvements but like that, poof and it is gone. Waiting for someone or something to make that motivation come back. This program is that something, I am your someone. Right now you might be unsure what to do next, tired and frustrated on how to proceed. My job is to help clear that path for you and gain confidence and skills towards the direction you want to go.


  • With a career that you want
  • A relationship that fulfills you
  • Filled with Purpose, Passion, and Potential

Investing in yourself and your life is a no brainer. People are constantly in the pursuit of happiness and health is often taken for granted. What if you invested three months to your, health, happiness, and overall well being? The potential to have purpose and passion in all categories of your life can bring you to a meaningful life worth living. I've spent a lot of time and resources on tools, systems, education and formal coaching to learn the keys to improving your quality of life. Why not get support from someone who has already done the work and knows how to speed up your timeline and reach your goals effectively? I know you can do this. The Quality you want in your life and your Purpose and Passion is waiting for you. Let's get there together!

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Dre McGee


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